Vehicle Fleet

Crawler Crane

Crawler Crane from 35 Ton to 500 Ton with maximum boom reach. Made in Germany & Japan


Mobile Crane from 7 Ton up to 800Ton. Made in Germany & Japan.


Tower Crane from 8Ton to 20Ton capacity, maximum height & 60M jib.

Excavator from 3Ton

Excavator from 3Ton up to 100Ton with all kinds of accessories such as hydraulic grab special hydraulic pile head cutter, & drilling attachment for dewatering pipes. Made in Germany, Japan, Italy & USA

Wheel loader

Wheel loader range from Volvo 140, CAT 950, CAT 966, CAT 988, Komatsu 320, Komatsu 420, Komatsu 450, Komatsu 500 and Komatsu 600.

Bulldozer CAT

Bulldozer CAT D5, CAT D6, CAT D7, CAT D8, CAT D9, Komatsu 85, Komatsu 115, Komatsu 355 and also Wheel Bulldozer


Boom loader range from 532, 535, and 540. Maximum reach 17M along with the standard bucket, forklift, & some special platform


JCB 3X3, BOB CAT with Bucket and Jack Hammer

Dump truck range

Dump truck range from 3cu. m., 20cu. m., 35cu. m., 45cu. m., with normal 4x4 & 6x6 axles. Also some special quarry truck for shifting of core rock is also available Capacity are from 25Ton, 50Ton, 60Ton, and all 6x6


Grader CAT 140, CAT 14G, CAT 16G, Komatsu 717, Komatsu 710

Road Compactor

Road Compactor/ Roller from 5Ton to 25Ton compactor capacity. Some special kind of roller for storage tanks.

Forklift from 1Ton

All types of Forklift from 1Ton to 10Ton, normal & 4x4 axles.

Manlift & Scissors

All kinds of Manlift & Scissors lift from 8M to 42M with hydraulic boom length on 6x6 axles.

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed Trailer from 25Ton to 50Ton.

Low bed Trailer

Low bed Trailer from 40Ton to 100Ton. Front and Rear Loading Types

Truck Mounted

Truck Mounted Hiab Crane from 1Ton to 15Ton crane capacity on normal 4x4


Single Cabin Pick Up from 1 Ton to 7 Ton Capacity


Double Cabin Pick Up from 1 Ton to 3 Ton capacity